AMD CES 2023 Keynote: Power Moves in AI and Processors

I continue to tune in to the AI tech world straight from the most recent and popular Keynotes. Today is a summary of some game-changing developments in the AMD CES 2023 Keynote.

Microsoft Ignite Keynote 2023 a Mind-Blowing Tech Show!

As we move to an AI-centric world, my work and roles, are also eventually going in that direction. I find myself consuming more AI-related articles than I ever imagined. It has never been a better time to start writing and learning more about AI and the infrastructure behind it. This week, I focused my attention on the Microsoft Ignite Keynote.

Home Lab 101: It's All About Lots Of Resources?

Setting up a home lab can be challenging, but it is the best way to learn about systems infrastructure at your own pace. The process can appear intimidating unless you have full access to an IT department.

Top 5 VMware Announcements in 2020 - (and more)

Although 2020 was challenging for many organizations, it was an excellent year for VMware and Virtualization. The company rolled several updates and announcements. Here are some of the top highlights concerning VMware that (in my opinion) hit this 2020.

VMware (and Other Organizations) on IT Offensive Terminology

VMware and other giant tech companies raised their views after the growth of the Black Lives Matter protests this year (2020). Many IT enthusiasts insisted tech language needed to be replaced to fight unconscious biases along with the movement.

The first post of 2020

Okay... I’ve been idle for a while around here. This is not only my first post the year but also, my first post after several weeks of being inactive. Last year was kind of strange for me...

VMware vExpert 2019

I am thrilled and proud to be selected for the first time as a vExpert. I was surprised when I found the “YOU ARE IN” email in my inbox, I thought that the vExperts will be announced next month. 😀

Login VSI Technology Advocate -for a second time in a row!

One more time, I am honored to be recognized by the Login VSI Technology Advocate program in 2019. It has been two years in a row since the program was created!

The Rising of Cloud Gaming: Cloudy Games - Part 6/6

Ok, Google Stadia is “the new kid on the cloud gaming” but doesn’t mean it’s the less mature. Google has been working on Stadia for many years, and they have many important things to offer. However there are a lot of competitors, some of them already well-positioned on this race, and other more will start unveiling their weaponry soon.

The Rising of Cloud Gaming: Google Stadia and Beyond - Part 5/6

Long story short, Google Stadia as all the other cloud gaming services means no need for local gaming hardware and streaming the games directly to a variety of devices.
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Raspberry Pi OS in a Virtual Machine with VMware

Although the Raspberry Pi OS is designed and optimized for the Raspberry Pi module, it is possible to test and use it without its hardware, with VMware. This solution can be useful if you are a developer (or just a curious guy) and don't have a Raspberry Pi module with you
Unable to delete inaccessible datastore

Unable to delete an "inaccessible" datastore

I was switching my storage array, so I migrated the VMs from that old datastore/storage to a new datastore/storage. The old datastore was shared by 3 ESXi hosts, no cluster. After migrating the VMs and unmount/delete the datastore, it was still presented in two of the ESXi hosts and was marked as inaccessible.
This is not a valid source path / URL

This is not a valid source path / URL - SourceTree and Gitlab

I have been working on a project with a friend who set up a repository in Gitlab but even though I was able to view all projects on it, I couldn’t really join the repository. I was using SourceTree and Gitlab.

How to export a Virtual Machine using the VMware OVF Tool

The VMware OVF Tool is implemented by VMware for easily importing and exporting virtual machines in Open Virtualization Format (OVF) standard format. Here, I want to show you how to download and install it, and then how to use it from a Windows machine.
Couldn't load private key - Putty key format too new

Couldn't load private key - Putty key format too new

couldn't load private key - Putty key format too new.” This issue happens when you use PuTTygen to generate or convert to a ppk key. Here is how to fix it. 
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