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AMD CES 2023 Keynote: Power Moves in AI and Processors

Hey tech aficionados! I continue to tune in to the AI tech world straight from the most recent and popular Keynotes. Today is a summary of some game-changing developments in the AMD CES 2023 Keynote.

In this blog post, let’s quickly cover the new core technologies and features of AMD.

AMD Instinct MI300X: The Gen AI Powerhouse

  • MI 300 X takes the stage as the highest performance accelerator for generative AI, riding on the sleek CDNA 3 data center architecture.
  • The magic lies in the details – a new compute engine, sparsity support, and cutting-edge data formats like FP8. The support of sparsity is surprising to me, as for now, Nvidia has been the only one implementing it. 
  • In regards to performance, it has 2.4 times more memory capacity and 1.6 times more memory bandwidth than the competition.

AMD Instinct MI300X Specs Demystified: A Tech Ballet

  • Picture this: Four IO dies in the base layer, 256 MB of Infinity Cache, and all the next-gen IO essentials.
  • Stack eight CDNA 3 accelerator chips on the IO die for a mind-bending 1.3 petaFLOPS of FP16 and 2.6 petaFLOPS of FP8 performance.
  • Then, connect the 304 compute units with dense through silicon vias (TSVs) for up to 17TB/s of bandwidth.
  • And finally, top it off with eight stacks of HBM three, totaling 192 gigabytes of memory at 5.3TB/s of bandwidth.

AMD ROCm 6: Open Source Magic

  • Enter ROCm 6, the modular and open-source hero of the story, waving goodbye to the closed-off vibes of CUDA.
  • The open-source community's speed of light in deploying new algorithms and models shines through, making ROCm 6 a tech marvel.
  • Shipping later this month, ROCm 6 is optimized for generative AI, particularly for LLM, boasting library optimizations, expanded ecosystem support, and performance boosts.

AMD Instinct MI300A: The CPU-GPU Love Story

  • MI300A steps into the spotlight, heralding the fourth-generation infinity architecture.
  • CPU and GPU unite, sharing a unified pool of memory in this Accelerated Processing Unit (APU).
  • The numbers speak volumes – 61 teraFlops of double precision (FP64), 122 teraFlops of single precision (FP32), 128 GB of HBM3 memory, and a bandwidth of 5.3 TB/s.
AMD Instinct MI300A

Hawk Point AMD Ryzen 8040 Series: Mobile Marvels

  • Hawk Point combines all of our industry-leading performance in battery life and it increases AI tops by 60% compared to the previous generation.
  • This 8040 Series will deliver more performance for multi-threaded applications, 1.8 x higher frame rates for games, and 1.4 x faster performance across content creation applications.

Wrap up

All tech giants: Microsoft, Google, Intel, Nvidia, and now, with AMD, we continue witnessing a tech symphony – from MI300X's AI prowess to the open-source magic of ROCm 6 and the CPU-GPU unity in MI300A. 

The future of computing is taking shape, and these innovations are paving the way.


Juan Mulford
Juan Mulford
I have been active in IT for over fourteen years now. I am a solutions architect, working with storage, virtualization, and VDI solutions. For the past ten years, I have been living and working in Taiwan.

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