VMware Essentials: Top Concepts, Products, and Solutions 

In the dynamic world of IT, VMware's significance cannot be overstated. Mastering VMware empowers IT professionals to optimize resources, streamline operations, and enhance virtualized performance. By reducing hardware needs and automating tasks, VMware fosters cost-effectiveness and efficiency, making it an invaluable asset in today's IT landscape.

vSphere 7 - Identify vSphere distributed and standard switch capabilities

In VMware vSphere, a switch is a virtual networking device that allows you to connect virtual machines to each other, and to physical network adapters on the host. There are two types of switches in vSphere: standard switches and distributed switches.

VMware Homelab: What Are Your Options

The idea of a homelab or virtual lab is not new to VMware and has been around for more than 20 years. It is still trendy today, and the need for cost-effective but higher-level equipment has put many enthusiasts off exploring for one.

vSphere 7 - Describe Datastore Clusters

In Objective 1.6.4 of vSphere’s exam, we must describe datastore clusters. Here, we overview what is datastore cluster and storage DRS. It is critical to identify core Storage DRS features and requirements. Also, it is important to understand DRS initial placement and ongoing balancing and aggressiveness levels.

vSphere 7 - Describe vSphere High Availability

This article focuses on objective 1.6.4 – Describe vSphere High Availability. Here, we overview the concept of vSphere HA and Primary and Secondary hosts. Next, we study vSphere availability settings, including failures and responses in HA, admission control, and heartbeat datastores.

vSphere 7 - Describe How DRS Scores Virtual Machines

This objective needs to describe how Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) scores virtual machines. Here, we overview the Old DRS model vs. the new one presented in vSphere 7. Then we study in-depth how VMware DRS scores the virtual machines.

vSphere 7 - Describe vSphere Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC)

In objective, we quickly describe vSphere Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC). First, let’s take a look at VMware vMotion. Then, an overview of how EVC works and some of its basic concepts.

vSphere 7 - Describe Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)

In objective 1.6.1, you need to describe Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS). First, let’s study what DRS is and its key features. Then, let’s take a look at the DRS’ major requirements and key topics: DRS automation and aggression levels, and DRS rules.

vSphere 7 - Describe ESXi Cluster Concepts

Objective 1.6 is a parent of multiple key topics discussing vSphere clustering. Therefore, this article is a quick introduction and an overview of all the essential concepts to understanding ESXi clusters.

vSphere 7 - Describe Instant Clone Architecture And Use Cases

In objective 1.5, you need to describe instant clone architecture and use cases. First, let’s study virtual machine cloning types and techniques, and also compare the critical capabilities of each one. Then we can move to the instant clone topic, study architecture, operation, and use cases. 
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