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Long story short

Most of the content in this website is about troubleshooting storage and virtualization technologies.

About me

My name is Juan Mulford, and this is my personal blog. For over 12 years I have worked in different roles for the IT industry, mostly in telecommunications and networking. Since 2012, I have worked with storage and virtualization, focused on VMware technologies and VDI. I use this space for my personal records but at the moment of writing, I like to share my experiences and "cloudy adventures" with everyone, especially those just entering into this awesome industry.


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The views expressed anywhere on this site are strictly mine and not the opinions and views of any past or present employer.

Disclaimer 2

If you find any spelling mistake, misspelled words or meaningless sentences, blame it on my dyslexia 😉

Latest Articles

AMD CES 2023 Keynote

AMD CES 2023 Keynote: Power Moves in AI and Processors

I continue to tune in to the AI tech world straight from the most recent and popular Keynotes. Today is a summary of some game-changing developments in the AMD CES 2023 Keynote.
Quick Fix MS Teams Call Drop Issues During Screen Sharing

Quick Fix: MS Teams Call Drop Issues During Screen Sharing

While using Windows 11 and Microsoft Teams I ran into a hitch: my calls kept dropping during screen sharing. Despite reinstalling, the issue lingered. Surprisingly, the fix was straightforward, though not initially obvious.
Microsoft Ignite Keynote

Microsoft Ignite Keynote 2023 a Mind-Blowing Tech Show!

As we move to an AI-centric world, my work and roles, are also eventually going in that direction. I find myself consuming more AI-related articles than I ever imagined. It has never been a better time to start writing and learning more about AI and the infrastructure behind it. This week, I focused my attention on the Microsoft Ignite Keynote.
VMware Essentials

VMware Essentials: Top Concepts, Products, and Solutions 

In the dynamic world of IT, VMware's significance cannot be overstated. Mastering VMware empowers IT professionals to optimize resources, streamline operations, and enhance virtualized performance. By reducing hardware needs and automating tasks, VMware fosters cost-effectiveness and efficiency, making it an invaluable asset in today's IT landscape.