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My very first post

Finally, I decided to start my blog...

After 4 years of thinking about blogging, I decided to put all the energy in the creation of this blog. I thought is going to be an easy task, but the time is a killer for this personal project; and with the modern life and work style, time gets difficult to manage. Even though start a blog is hard, keep it running and updated will be the hardest part.

I studied for electronic engineering, but my main path was in telecommunications. Since the beginning of my professional career, I have been working for IT companies such as networking, satellite telecommunications, and IP surveillance. And a few years ago I started working with storage networking and virtualization technologies.

In my daily work I always found myself bookmarking blogs and other web resources when looking for specific topics of my interest; projects, solution studies, and troubleshooting, but most of the time the general idea/solution I am looking for is incomplete, I need to link it to others resources and I can't manage to keep them in order; so I am always googling for information that I had bookmarked already.

The main intention of this blog is to have my personal space to back up, take notes and “bookmark” all the studies and research I do. Due to every day I am learning and study new topics, my idea is to share my experience from the bottom for all the cool people studying the same topics. My focus will be cloud infrastructures, so, in particular, I’ll be posting about storage, networking and virtualization solutions.

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I am welcome to friendly discussions. Let’s learn together!

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Juan Mulford
Juan Mulford
I have been active in IT for over fourteen years now. I am a solutions architect, working with storage, virtualization, and VDI solutions. For the past ten years, I have been living and working in Taiwan.

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